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Annandale – Moving Forward

Genre:  ROCK / METAL


Hard-Rock  duo, Ashley and Chad Grennor demonstrate an amazing synergy on their five-track debut E.P., ‘Moving Forward.’ From the outset, it is clear that the mix of driving guitars, strong drum fills and their unified vocal talents offer something worth talking about.


‘This Figth’ captures the attention immediately as Ashley’s vocals almost float across the underlying production, creating a fine contrast. The title track continues with the same mid-tempo rock pace, as the pair inter-weave their lyrical input, to create something quite attention-grabbing.


‘Step One’ takes matters up a gear with a hard-hitting heavy-metal assault, complete with powerful guitar riffs, and rolling drums, except Annandale show they are happy to change expectations by adding a superbly realized break-down before, once-again, putting their foot to the pedal for a strong ending.


If ‘Step One’ offers the hardest track on this collection, ‘Waiting’ is a chance to gather your breath, as the soaring guitars and melodic vocal arrangements bring an alternative edge to Annandale’s sound. However, let’s not get confused, they still inject plenty of hard rock edges to the track.


The collection is rounded off with ‘Broken Dreams,’ which uses a strong, building guitar riff and some angst-ridden lyrics to create a real mood, complete with  Anandale’s well-formed vocal inter-play.


The Knoxville duo certainly impress with their debut E.P., bringing a sound that belies their two-person make-up. With production assistance from Sevendust and Call Me No One members, Clint Lowery and Morgan Rose, Annandale are definitely given a further boost. However, nothing can be taken away from the vision and originality of this excellent introduction.


We certainly look forward to hearing more from Annandale, and you should too – check this one out while it’s still hot.

One Comment

  1. Really? Does the world need more dated, 90s, radio rock? I really didn’t think people actually wanted to make music like this. “Moving Forward” is an ironic title.

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