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DMXDMX has lit up the Internet with footage of him running nude around the corridors of a Michigan hotel. Wearing just a pair of white socks and a smile, the rapper was filmed running laps of the hallways of the Detroit hotel last weekend. The footage begins with DMX walking around wearing just his boxer shorts, socks, and house arrest ankle bracelet as a hotel employee removes room service from one of the nearby rooms. However, it is here that DMX seems to get an idea, and ducks behind a corner, whips off his shorts, and breaks into a naked run!

So, what got into DMX to make him go for his nude dash? The rapper told gossip-site, TMZ that he just “felt like” doing it, adding, “I’m not ashamed of anything I got.” You can check out the footage, below:


Ladies, if you have seen DMX in ‘Belly,’ then you would know that he shouldn’t be ashamed!