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DMXDMX was recently caught on camera as he ran around a Detroit hotel wearing just his socks. While many speculated that the rapper was suffering from mental illness, or had maybe been abusing drugs, it seems that the explanation was somewhat less troubling.A rep for the rapper explained, “DMX was [at] a Detroit hotel with his DJ (DJ NonStop) and his road manager (Montana) before his performance with Eve and Lil Kim on August 31st. X and the team were killing time at the hotel before the concert and dared each other to streak in the hallway. No one was aware that security cameras were rolling, and it was just a playful dare between friends.”




We know that time on the road can be a tedious rotation of hotels and traveling, so we can perfectly believe that it was just a high-spirited prank! Yes…we, too, are shocked that DMX still has reps, and nothing that he does surprises us.