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DrewDr. Drew Pinsky has opened up about his battle with prostate cancer, revealing that he underwent surgery in 2012. The surgery followed his diagnosis with the illness, and saw his prostate removed. However, it seems that Drew owes his life to his wife, Susan Sailer Pinsky, who first spotted something was wrong.


Dr. Drew told of how he returned from a Caribbean vacation feeling sick, and his wife asked him to head to the doctors to make sure he was OK. Doctors spotted that all was not well, and Drew was treated for prostatitis, or inflammation of the prostate, however, when that didn’t work, he was given a biopsy. “Lo and behold, I have cancer,” Drew explained, “I was doing Lifechangers [a show on The CW] and my HLN show was going. My wife and I had this great relationship, very active sexually. This could screw everything up. It was a terrible feeling.”


Dr. Drew is now happy to admit that he is cancer-free, stating, “The erectile function is normal, sex drive is normal, bladder works normally, and I don’t have to worry about prostate cancer.” However, Drew did admit that he was not the best of patients, saying, “We’re all bad as males. I convinced myself I could do my own primary care,” he said. “These are very complicated issues. The message I want to give out is that this is still an art. So much of the good outcome for me was the result of people following their intuition, including my wife.”