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Duke Slammer – What Four? (Bonus Round E.P.)



Luke Sanger has spent the last ten years releasing techno music under the name Luke’s Anger. However, this E.P. project has seen him take a slight side-step and reinvent himself as Duke Slammer. Luke’s first Duke Slammer released was last year’s album, ‘Everybody Sweat,’ which was closely followed by five sell-out 7” singles and a gold cassette. This latest release sees Duke Slammer return with an electronica-blended flirtation with hip-hop.


The hip-hop hints come courtesy of the title track and the UK rhymes of Diagnostik80. However, it is here that any hip-hop associations begin and end. ‘What Four?’ may boast some leftfield lyricism (not your usual street-talking here), but the beats are certainly strongly rooted in Luke’s techno past. With a pulsating bass-line and bleeping top end, this track works equally well with or without the lyrics (and, luckily, Duke Slammer saw fit to include the instrumental for just that purpose).


Look beyond the title track and things go even deeper into an electronic edge. ‘Pixel Melody’ delights with the pitch-bending synths, rumbling bass, and hand-claps, while the short ‘Doo Wot’ brings a rock n roll edge even as Duke Slammer stretches the sounds like a faulty cassette-player.


The aptly-titled ‘Cacophonix’ has a jarring melody courtesy of the out-of-tune strings and morphing keys, before the ‘Dude Would Approve’ offers yet more funky, experimental, leftfield electronica action. This is one that will appeal to bleeps and beats enthusiasts and, as such, should find favor with Luke’s existing fan-base.


Due to the experimental nature of this release, those who are less electronically-inclined may want to cherry-pick their favorite tracks from this 20-minute, seven-track production.

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