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Heather Mae – One Year Of Songs


Heather Mae certainly seems to like a challenge, having moved to New York to become a Broadway star, she turned to music following a meeting with heart-ache. Broadway’s loss was music’s gain as she took up her ukulele and began to craft her beautifully poetic songs.

Her writing process went into over-drive in October 2010, leading to, ‘One Year of Songs.’ As the title suggests, Heather Mae decided to write a new song every day, including as she toured across the United States for three months of the year. With over 7,000 lines of lyrics and a full 365 songs crafted, Heather then cut the content back to just 10 tracks, and around 32 minutes.

The result is a superbly engaging, poetic release. The tracks delve into a series of feelings, including love and loss, with an intimate potency that is hard to ignore. The laid-back acoustic arrangements serve to assist Heather’s terrific voice and vocals, as the lush instrumentation adds some wonderful sonic layers to the musical tapestry.

The end result is a release that belies Heather’s relatively recent move into her musical career, and instantly recalls music from the likes of Adele, Sara Bareilles and particularly the fragile, emotive work of Corinne Bailey-Rae. The collection reveals different chapters from Heather’s musical journey and seems like eaves-dropping on her diary, as the personal reflection of the lyrics carry the listener through her thoughts and feelings across the year.

Beautifully written, engagingly crafted, and accomplished in execution, Heather Mae’s ‘One Year of Songs’ should see her gain plaudits and fans around the globe. Don’t pass this one by…

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