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sclsReports reveal that X-Factor boss, Simon Cowell is going to be the father to a baby boy, who is due next February. A source revealed, “He is over the moon to be having a son.” Cowell is expecting the baby from his affair with Lauren Silverman, who is still married to his former pal, Andrew.


The 53-year-old music mogul was in London last weekend where he saw ultrasound pictures of the unborn boy. Cowell exclaimed, “I went to see a scan today, and it is just surreal,” adding, “You literally see this thing, which is now alive moving around. I feel very paternal right now.”


As for realizing he was to become a father by Lauren, Cowell said, “It was a surprise initially and some of the circumstances around this were very uncomfortable to say the least, but it happened, and she’s an incredible girl.” He added, “Then once I got used to the idea that I was going to be a dad, then I was really happy.”




We hope that Simon gets a DNA test.  The way in which all of this happened is still kind of shady…don’t know if we would ever want friends like Simon Cowell. 

Regarding Lauren, well, we’re not saying she is a gold digger, but you figure it out.  Unless, the three of them had a relationship that just went south…in any event, whole situation is crazy.