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Kanye Lamar KhloeKanye West has found a new target for his wrath, not the paparazzi or the media, but soon-to-be former brother-in-law, Lamar Odom. Throwing down with the Kardashian family, the rapper has vowed never to treat Kim Kardashian how Lamar disrespected Khloe.


A source revealed, “[Kanye] thought [Lamar's behavior toward Khloe] was completely foul and told Kim that he would never, ever disrespect her or treat her in any other manner except like royalty.” However, despite Kanye’s insistence, he “doesn’t hate” Lamar, and even invited Khloe and Lamar to his concert in the hope of helping fix their marriage.


“He invited Lamar to some of his shows because he knew what time it was, and he knew he and Khloe weren’t seeing things eye-to-eye,” the insider said, “He tried to mend the fences.” However, the source continued, “But after all this sh** came out, after Kim told her how Khloe would be up crying at night and in pain, he lost all respect for Lamar as a man. He doesn’t hate him though, but he thinks he’s garbage.”

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