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LA Pebbles TLCL.A. Reid has spoken up to support claims made by his ex-wife, Perri ‘Pebbles’ Reid that R&B trio TLC were a factor in their divorce. Of course, you may recall that Pebbles stated that L.A. Reid had an affair with TLC member, Chilli. While L.A. didn’t go as far as to address those rumors, he did state that the group were “one of the breaking points in my marriage.” He also noted, “TLC wanted Pebbitone out of their lives and the only way they could get out was to file bankruptcy.”

Meanwhile, Pebbles sat down to speak with radio host Frank Ski, who asked whether she regretted signing TLC to LaFace Records, to which she replied, “I would not sign them to LaFace because what happened there, in my opinion, was horrific because you tore my family up with this. This tore my family up. Now my G-code kept me quiet, but it was a whole bunch of dirtiness.”

She also once again defended herself against accusations that she ripped the group off for their money, saying, “How do you take somebody’s money? Even if you think I’m a crook, I don’t have the money bag. Do you really think out of BMG, Arista, Clive Davis… Pebbles has the money bag? We’re at the bottom. Money flows from the top.”

You can check out a portion of Pebbles’ interview, below: