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kkThe mid-season finale of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ saw Kris Jenner make a revelation during a disagreement with her husband, Bruce Jenner. Bruce was complaining that Khloe Kardashian was too open about her sex life with Lamar Odom, when Kris jumped in with a quick reminder!


Kris reminded Bruce that they once filmed a sex-tape, although Bruce quickly replied that they deleted their tape immediately – and that it was 20 years ago! Of course, daughter, Kim Kardashian rose to fame when she was featured in a leaked sex-tape of her own back in 2007. However, Bruce eventually admitted that he may have to tone down his ‘holier-than-thou’ stance, saying, “In a 10-year period, I had six children with three different women. Guess I’m not one to talk.”


Is it us, or does it seem like Kris Jenner lives vicariously through her daughter, Kim?


(Photo by Jeff Gentner/Getty Images)

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