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Miley Cyrus’ San Fernando Valley home was surrounded by police, fire and rescue teams following a prank call, which said that a possible robbery or home invasion was underway. The alleged drama was intensified by reports of shots fired, as police responded to what they were told was a kidnapping and shooting on the premises. A perimeter was formed around the property, and the house was approached; however, nobody was home. Miley was actually away in Philadelphi, where she joined Liam Hemsworth on his new film.



Police determined that the whole affair had been a waste of time, money, and resources as it was all just a hoax. However, the prank, which authorities call ‘swatting,’ has serious repercussions for the hoaxer, if caught. “If the person is found, they will be arrested and prosecuted because it was a false call, a false allegation,” an LAPD spokesperson said.

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