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Skytown Riot – Soul Or System

Skytown Riot CoverGenre: POP / ROCK


Knoxville, Tennessee four-piece outfit, Skytown Riot may be comprised of the usual collection of guitars, drums, and bass, but they bring a sound that belies their apparently humble backing. Indeed, their new six-track release, ‘Soul Or System’ perfectly demonstrates how their sound seems tailor-made for stadiums!


The collection opens with the impressive, ‘Sensational,’ which has the kind of arena theatricality that would make the likes of Queen proud. Except, Skytown Riot bring a pop-sensibility to their music that will lead to easy comparisons to names like Coldplay. However, they show they are not quite so easily pinned down with the feel-good, quirky prog-pop of the electronica tinged, ‘Misbehave.’ ‘The Afterglow’ builds on this radio-ready appeal with some warm piano pop, as Skytown Riot show they are more than happy to expand their musical repertoire.


By the time they hit their cover of the rock staple,’ House of the Rising Sun,’ Skytown Riot are in their element, shifting from atmospheric airs into harder guitars that show they are not afraid to lay down some solid rock when required. This rocking edge continues into the superbly forthright ‘Runaway Princess,’ before the EP closes in style with the title track, and it is this track that perhaps embodies Skytown Riot as they bring an airy dance-remix ready opening which evaporates into a swirling stadium rock and rising into a strong crescendo for the finale.


Skytown Riot bring a sound that is unashamedly ready for the big stage, with comparisons already being made to names like Muse and Coldplay, it could be that this four-man group could soon find themselves elevated to stadium level. With a modern, updated, pop sound that brings in elements of prog rock, Skytown Riot are a tough act to pin down, but rest assured, they have certainly delivered with ‘Soul Or System.’


Catch them now, before they become huge! 

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