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tcTom Cruise’s former publicist, Pat Kingsley has finally opened up about what it was like working for the Hollywood star, and reveals how she warned him to keep his Scientologist leanings out of the public eye. Kingsley was fired by Cruise in 2004, after nearly 12 years of working with him.


Speaking out, Kingsley revealed to the Hollywood Reporter, “I met with him on the set of ‘A Few Good Men,’ and he grilled me in his trailer, I was quite taken with him. And then he called me and said, ‘Let’s start tomorrow.’” The 81-year-old publicist, who founded the PMK PR agency says she became so close to Cruise that they “could almost finish each other’s sentence,” adding, “We never really had a disagreement about direction or any particular interview.”


Kingsley revealed that things became strained as Cruise sank deeper into his relationship with the Church of Scientology, saying the actor appeared to be looking for “something different.” Kingsley explained that she only had one difficult situation with the church while she worked with Tom, “I felt that they were involved in a story that I was doing on Tom, and I said: ‘It’s not your story; it’s Tom’s. You have to step aside.’ And they did.”


However, Kingsley reveals she later felt the need to “have that conversation” with Cruise, 51, about “cooling it” with his religion, telling him to keep it separate from his promotional work on films. Could this be the reason why Tom Cruise decided to fire Kingsley?


Either way, the fact remains, Tom has not seen Kingsley in private since the end of their working relationship in 2004.


Photo by Alex J. Berliner/BEImages